Quality Control System

Shenzhenshi Kaixin Guangdian CO., LTD is the manufacturer who cares about the working conditions and social welfare of our employees. We care about the quality and source of our material components, has strict and completed production and quality control process, full support on after sale service,we would do our best effort to help our clients increase sales and enhance brand image.

We believe our strength lies in our professional staffs, right people with high level of integrity and professionalism are the foundation of our Total Quality Management (TQM) System. The company-wide quality awareness enables us to focus on every single detail from a rosin joint on PCB board, a typing mistake on gift box to a discrepancy of customized software.

Our QA team is an independent department on operational level, we have strict quality inspection procedure to ensure full compliance with GB7000.1 and IEC60598. We have been investing in various testing equipments and constantly reviewing our production flow in order to stabilize & enhance the goods quality.

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